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Vivid Hue Tokyo

The Changing Metropolis

Tokyo is a city that has been destined for expansion and restructuring since it was called Edo more than 400 years ago.

Even today, expansion and restructuring are being repeated.

This expansion has spread not only horizontally but also vertically.
The underground space is a huge labyrinth, and the sky is lined with skyscrapers.

Vivid Hue Tokyo

During the day, Tokyo is a world of verticals, horizontals, and no colors.
At night, however, it transforms into a meandering world of multicolored lights.


In the huge city of Tokyo, night views appear everywhere.


Nightscapes are proof of both human life and technological evolution.
Looking at Tokyo from the top of a skyscraper in the evening, you can see the nightscape forming in response to people's activities.


I am impressed by the fact that the nightscape of Tokyo, a huge city, has been created through the accumulation of a very long history.


But that beautiful space will not last forever.


Tokyo is a city that is repeatedly expanding and reconstructing itself.
It is a space that will be gone before you know it.


That is why I continue to photograph Tokyo as it is today.

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