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Washigraph Photo


Washigraph Photo has been recognized overseas as a work of art of "photographic print art of light".

They are "pigment" prints of photographs on "Washi" paper.
They are made by combining not only traditional Japanese techniques but also the latest technology.


We have optimized photo data (Photo Authoring) for "Washi" and output them on a device equipped with nanotechnology to create works of art with unprecedented clarity.

Washigraph Photo

In addition, the production of Washigraph Photo requires craftsmen and women in each step of the process to complete the work.
The raw materials for washi, washi production, photography, photo authoring, printing direction, and production cannot be completed without one of them.

In other words, it takes a group of craftsmen comparable to Nishiki-e, a traditional Japanese art form, to create this work.

Wahshigraph Photo's works are printed with Japanese paper and pigments, and can be preserved for a long time.
Wahshigraph Photo can be viewed as "photographic print art of light"!

When you see Vivid Hue Tokyo printed as a Washigraph Photo, you will feel something.

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